Okay so here is the deal. Our family has gone back and forth as to whether we should get rid of our T.V. Reality is we love to watch movies, so I think a more viable plan for us is to get rid of cable when we move. In the mean time I am looking for things to do with the kids that deter them from even wanting to turn the T.V on and also foster a mood where it is fun to play together. Well I think it was mission accomplished today when we made this goop of sorts. In fact they have been playing with it off and on all day. Our recipe for success was 2 containers of cornstarch (16 oz each) and about 4 cups of water. We poured all the cornstarch from the first container in a dish tub. Then we felt the texture of the cornstarch before adding water 1 cup at a time. We paused between each douse of water to feel the effect it would have on the cornstarch. I must say it was the perfect mixture for great fun, see for yourself!

(LJ finally decided to get in on the fun and do you see CJ in her towel!! She had just finished her bath and was going back for more!!)

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Dusti said...

Goop-how very fun!
We cut the cable last year and have been so blessed by not having any tv. We watch a movie or two on the weekend but that's it.

Mama Jenn said...

Oh my goodness! I don't think I will ever be brave enough to have my kiddos doing that!!! I have a bad habit of trying to minimize the messes that they make! :-) But, it sure looks like they had a blast!!! Perhaps I will give it a try in the summer so they can do it outside and I can hose them off before they come in the house! :-)

Thanks for linking up!!!