Week 4 in Review

One of the highlights from this past week would HAVE to be the fact that we were flocked by our Youth Dept!!!

Of course there is also the day when I introduced JJ and CJ to dry board markers for a school lesson. Well CJ was so impressed with the fact that she could just wipe it off the worksheet that somehow she got it in her head she could do the same with her face!!

(JJ is was working on a worksheet called "Find My Letter" and CJ had the worksheet "Letter Match" both come from the amazing phonics program Happy Phonics; which I recommend to anyone who wants to teach their child how to read or has a reader who is not quite getting phonics!!!)

LJ and I are struggling within our relationship as I'm not sure if he is trying to emerge into a leader or if we are once again butting heads. Having the same personality is a bit challenging and has me on my knees in prayer and seeking counsel from other moms who have older sons. So this week I am going to work on seeing how much respect I get when I give him the respect he deserves, trying to get his input on exactly what he wants to study and really loving on him how I know God loves him. I love God's answer in my journal this morning:
"Stop forcing things, rest and I will carry it out to completion, even with your children. It is NOT you that makes such a difference in their lives but CHRIST. They can not see Christ in you when you are expecting them to live up to "your own expectations"! Think of yourself as a tool that I am using.... the work is done you do not need to change him, but teach... the lessons I have set before him to learn."

I am always blown away at how true God's guidance is, every single time!!!!

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