Happy Birthday CJ

Wow, 3 years have already come and gone and look at you!!! You are an amazing child. Zany, tender, hilarious, precious, and breath taking! My daughter, what do I desire for you? To grow up knowing your value in Christ. To never for a second wonder if you are loved, because you are: imperfectly by your family and perfectly by our Savior Christ. I pray that the man you will marry is being raised up to also be founded in his identity in Christ, to love you as Christ proclaims in Ecclesiastes, and to be a leader of his family that takes His direction from God. My desire is not to give you the world but to impart in your heart knowledge that baffles the world:"God loved us and sent His Son. 1 John 4:10" Then I can confidently let go when you enter the world you so Christ's light shines into the world, through you. And how thankful I am that I have many years to enjoy with you before I have to release you so that you can continue the work God has in store for you!! Happy Birthday my precious daughter. We love you and are so thankful to God that you are apart of our family!

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