Week 3 in Review

Bow, Oh Bow, Oh Bow!!

Let me tell you it is a very good thing to be friends with an phenomenal bow maker when your daughter decides to chop off all her hair. (Yes I'm still recovering)

Shannon, saying I love you doesn't even begin to say how I feel about the wonderful package you sent my daughter. I think I can finally begin to heal!!!!

So I can't complete this weeks review without giving a shout out to someone who oozes creativity and talent with each bow she touches but more importantly I am very thankful for the friendship we have formed over the last year!!! So if you are searching for the perfect accessory for your perfect sweet angel, you H-A-V-E to stop by her online store Cary Hairbows!

And just when I thought this post was over would you believe JJ decided that today he would join the club of literacy!!! I was so excited and just blown away at how easy it was for him. As I was getting ready to start letter recognition with him, he cried "Mommy that's so baby, I don't want to do it any more." Thinking quickly I answered, "Okay you don't have to tell me what letter it is but I want you to make the sound of the letter I show you." And he did it fairly well, stumbling over a couple but I noticed he new the C, A, and T sounds so I wrote down cat and asked him to make the sound for each letter and it went something like this: "kkkk aaaaa ttttt" kkkkaaattt (ding, ding, ding) cat!!!!" "Yes! Now sound this out: sat." "ssss aaaa tttt, sat!" "JJ, you are reading!" "Mommy I want to do more!"

(JJ showing off his work with ROY G BIV)

Now let me tell you it didn't go so smooth with LJ, in fact we struggled for about 4 months and I was at my whits ends, in tears, praying to the Lord to help his little brain figure it out cause I couldn't teach it to him. And he did, in his own time and has been reading anything insight! And as I venture into this new world with JJ, I am more confident and more excited that I was able to be there the very moment he took this huge leap in his education!! And I thought nothing could possibly top my bows!!!

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Alicia said...

I can totally relate to this post!! My youngest cut her hair a couple of years ago, and I was totally freaking out because she wore bows all the time, and couldn't anymore!!

And that's great about your sons reading! That's why I love homeschooling too. You can go at your child's pace!