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As CJs birthday approaches I have been in deep thought about the fact that there is so much I wish I would have written down, cute things she has said, her amazing accomplishments and oh how I wish I would have taken photos like Kelly, Carisa, and The Happy HouseWife. Reality is, I can't turn back time but I can look to the future and that is why I have decided to do Remember When... hoping it will be a fun meme that encourages us moms to take a little time each month, week, or even year and write down those special, funny, and enjoyable moments we have with our children. After all we have them for such a short amount of time, lets remember to enjoy it while we can!!!!!! Hope you will join in too by signing my Mcklinky and linking back to this post via link or my newly created button above! Special thanks to Mommy Bits for her amazingly simple tutorial, you rock!

LJ: Remember When you took a brand new white turtle neck and decided to design your own costume.sigh.. or how you looked for "extra chores" to earn money to help save up for a Snake eye costume... or how you play super heroes with you brother and read stories to your sister. You are growing up so fast and I couldn't be prouder of the young boy you are growing up to be!!!!

JJ: Remember When all you wanted to do is play your PlayStation.. or how you love kisses from mom just so you can wipe them off... and how silly you get when we sing our bedtime song.. you have decided you want to learn to read and I look forward to walking beside you as a whole new world opens up to you as you start to read!!!!

CJ: I Remember When you were so very excited about your 3rd birthday party... asking every time you laid down "whens my birthday" meaning what kind it was and I would always answer "Snow White" and you would rattle off your guests: Haley, Haley's mom, Daddy, LJ, JJ, and Pluto, and Minnie Mouse, and Mickey Mouse, and Ariel and..... yes our Disney Land trip is still very fresh in your mind. You also love to dance around when music is played and you HAVE to be watched... otherwise you will take the face of your audience into your little palms turn it to your face and tell them "watch me now". You have such a joy for living and I look forward to all that you teach me in then next year to come!!!!

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Organizing Mommy said...

Sweet memories! If we don't write them down, they'll slip away--like the rest of my memory. Thanks for popping in! It was a low-key relaxing birthday.