Is this what it’s all about?

"Yes it is!" I thought as I held my little girl in my lap, kissing the top of her head and cuddling her after she had crawled into my lap. (Mind you I had just spent the early morning making breakfast and prepping our dinner for the crock pot and only briefly checked my email to see if I had any important emails; I didn't. I still hadn't done my quiet time, no workout, no makeup and heck I still am in my pjs with 3 loads of laundry to do and morning dishes to clean.) We were waiting for Big Daddy to finish his breakfast and head off to work. As I looked over our balcony and watch my daughter and oldest son yelling bye to their dad I think, "This IS what is most important in my life." So why is society trying to tell me what I do has little importance. I even have people looking at me with turned up noses saying "Oh, you are just a stay at home mom." Our society puts such little importance on some of the most important jobs so I shouldn't stand in astonishment at comments such as these. Look at how little our teachers, military, law enforcement and even nurses get paid. I once heard a wise quote: "want to know where your values are… look at where your money goes." As a nation we spend so much on entertainment: sports games, concerts, movies, DVDs, video games, computers and yet I hear a lot of complaining when its back to school and parents have to buy materials for their children's education?!?! (Keep in mind our children hear this.) And what upsets me most are those children who hear their moms say:"I can't W-A-I-T till my child goes back to school." Because I home school I often get the line "I would never be able to have my child at home with me." Ouch. We would not even accept that comment from our spouse yet we are allowed to say these very hurtful words about our own children and in front of them!! It just shouldn't be that way. We need to reprogram our society that it is vital to our nation and our families that moms stay home and raise secure, loved and children that feel wanted. I bet school crime and crime as a whole would decrease. Sexually activity within our young children would decrease resulting in lower teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. I see that more than the latest, greatest new toy our children NEED our time, our attention, our devotion. The same time, attention and devotion we place greater importance on when given to others.

As I watch my 8 year old, the reality of this time being really short becomes very sobering. And unlike a career we only get once shot with our kids. As I have enjoyed my 5 year old change his temperament dramatically this year, I am certain it is because of my loving understanding, continued prayer and deep knowledge of the child he is that allowed him to break down the walls he has had up since a baby. And I am thankful that my 2, almost 3 year old, is able to grow up in an environment that is safe, secure and allows her to be her zany self and not conformed to the ideas of what a 2 or 3 year old should be doing. All this is possible because our actions are speaking louder than our words. Our children know they are one of the most important aspects of our lives. And I'm thankful that I don't have a career, too many commitments, or overloaded schedule that tells them otherwise.

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Sara said...

Yes, Brandy, this IS what its all about. Having home schooled for 13 years, I will never regret having and taking that opportunity to pour into my children's lives.