Bringing Dinner to the Table

Most of this year I strived to get dinner to the table the fastest way possible with as little work on my part. It has "worked" but I'm a bit tired of short changing my family to have more time for other things. Most of those "other things" do include service at my church, homeschooling, bible study, and the occasional moments spent on Face book, cough, cough. But when all is said and done I am left wondering do I really want to short change the most important meal in our family's lives? And my answer is "NO!" So starting this week I am going to work on providing at least 5 well thought out meals with a main dish, vegetable or fruit, and desert. Seeing that this is the week of Thanksgiving I could really use your help in the department of turkey leftovers. I would love for you to leave me your favorite recipe to use up turkey leftovers. I will pick 3 to serve to my family and whichever dinner they like the best I will send a special thank you gift all the way from Okinawa, Japan.

But the main reason for blogging is to get people to read your blog, right!!
And in that spirit, I have a chance for those who blog about my "Bring Dinner to the Table" and link back to my blog to win a personalized notepad. Just leave a message in my comments letting me know you linked up and I will enter you in my give-a-away from my new home business Note Worthy!!! Come on, we could all use some extra writing stationary around this time of year and I could use all the blog love I can get!!!!


Since it is Saturday here and I don't plan on doing grocery shopping on Sunday I've got to get it in gear for next week and here is what I have come up with for Nov 23-Nov 28:

Day 1: Beef Ragout with buttermilk corn bread and caramel cookies. {veggies are in the main dish}

Day 2: Chinese pepper steak, orange glazed carrots, white rice and ice cream.

Day 3: Turkey, potatoes au gratin {boxed}, carrot soufflé, green bean casserole and bread rolls. {desert TBD}

Day 4: Turkey Tetrazzini, parmesan zucchini and sugar cookies.

Day 5: Steak stroganoff, skillet corn, Italian rice, and apple crumble.

Thankfully we have most of next week off from our normal routine and since my husband will be coming home from the Philippians I want to treat his tummy to food American style!!! Check back in next week to see some yummy food pictures, the winner of the Note Worthy give-away and my three turkey leftover choices to serve my family for the week of Nov 30-Dec 4.

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Alicia said...

One thing that my mother in law makes the day after Thanksgiving is Turkey Enchiladas!!!!

I'm so sorry that I've been such a bad blogging friend! It was so nice to read a comment from you!!!