Bringing Dinner to the Table Week 2

So last week was very successful, I think.

I had to rearrange some meals, as we were sick on Thanksgiving Day, but all in all my family was delighted in my efforts to put a little more time into our dinners. And to be honest, it felt really good to put more thought and effort into our meals as well!!! So while I'm on a roll, here are another 5 meals for Nov 30 ~ Dec 4:

Day 1: Leftover Turkey Casserole, Carrot Soufflé }I didn't fix on Thanksgiving Day Oatmeal Cookies

Day 2: Turkey `a la king over Cheddar Biscuits, Salad, Pink Strawberry Cloud

Day 3: Turkey Picante pie } veggies inside, Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Day 4: Honey Pork Chops, Yellow Squash Pie, Chocolate Pudding

Day 5: Shrimp, Tomato-Corn Bake, Alfredo Pasta, Citrus Mini Cakes

Drum roll please…………. And the winner of my Note Worthy Give away is:


Email me with your mailing address and I will pop an OAPN notepad in the mail for ya!!!

And my question for this week is: What are you doing this December to prepare for Christmas? Leave a comment and I will put your name into my drawing for 20 Note Worthy Thank You cards; just in time for Christmas!!!

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Our Curly Girls said...

Diiner looks delish! I hope you are all feeling better! :)