Advent: Day 1 Week 1

Advent: important arrival, the coming of Christ into the world.

Today begins the traditional time of Advent, a period where Christians reflect on the importance of Christ's birth. Each year I take the time to do something each night with my children. One year I found color sheets ,we have lit candles on our Nativity Advent Wreath and read devotions, last year we had a book we read from, and this year we will do devotions for a Jesse tree.

If you would like to do a Jesse tree with us below are some websites that should get you up and running rather quickly. So far what I have found is that there isn't a free template for a Jesse tree and either you make your own, use a christmas tree template, or buy a mini christmas tree. For this year I think we will skip the Jesse tree and just put up the pictures in order and read the scripture that accompany them and do at least one craft each week. Today we will read from Isaiah 11:1-2 and talk about why we take time during Advent to focus on the birth of our Savior.

Jesse Tree devotions and picture ideas

Free pictures and devotions starting from Nov 28.

Sunday readings and ideas from Focus on the Family


Alicia said...

Oh, I am so glad you posted these links!! I always wanted to do this with my kids!

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Hey, it's good to be back in touch. I wrote a humorous/ partly serious post about laundry that it sounds like you may appreciate right now

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