Lord Teach Me To Pray: Day 8

July 10, 2009

How humbling today's reading was!! I am seeing a new aspect of prayer. Not only do I need to KNOW God's Word to KNOW Him, but I also need to KNOW myself. I mean I don't think I have ever show such confidence in God as Hezekiah did when he laid down the letter before the Lord and basically said, "Okay now what are You going to do!" When we talk about hallowing God's name we get down to the basics of do we really treat God as, well God. Have you ever sat down and really pondered what it meant to follow a god? Now compare that to how we "follow" The Living God. Drastic difference huh? I think to pray "Hallow be thy name" can only be done if we live a life that is in reverence to Him. What do you think?

Father, forgive me for treating our relationship so casually. Let me remember that when I go into pray I am on holy grounds and should take my sandals off. May we seek to always have You as the guest of honor in our homes and hearts. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

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