Itch To Pitch: Week 4

The saga of the storage closet continues:

My goal was to clear out this space so that I could easily store our water bottles out of the way but still be able to have easy access to them. Of course I got a great idea! Take the top of this:

...and mount it up in the closet like this: I could hang up my creations out of the way and reach of little hands.

The I realized that I could really maximize this space by storing all my flannel boards underneath the dresses and organized the flannel pieces in the remaining space!!

So getting back on track, I realize I need to do something with all my fabric and decide to store all of it in these three bins.

Which left me with one empty storage container:

....and enough room to store my water bottles!!!!!! Mission Accomplished.

I didn't have to pitch anything this week but since I'm still not done with this space I wanted to at least show my progress. Next week I'll be working on my second storage unit, which has all my stamping items and I'm certain there will be alot to pitch then. Don't forget to join all the other pitchers at The Happy Housewife.

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The Happy Housewife said...

What a creative idea! And to think all of it came from wanting to have a place to store your water bottles!
Great job, thanks for participating!