Lord Teach Me To Pray: Day 9

July 11, 2009

Do you have religion or relationship? My growth as a Christian did not begin until I fell before the Lord, broken, desperately seeking the acceptance of my Heavenly Father. It was rather easy for me to see him as Father because I had never know my biological father and desperately sought the love, affection, and acceptance that only a daughter can find in the loving arms of her father. I had accept Jesus as my Savior at the young age of 8 but as circumstances would have it, my life was forever changed and I did not get a chance to step into a church on a regular or committed basis until I was a young adult in the Marine Corps. Looking back I can see the Holy Spirit guiding me through my life and watching over me. And although I did not aways heed His prompting, I always felt His presence. It was this understanding, later, that helped me to begin the healing process and up root the truth. So, it was very personal as we read about God being our Father today. But I had never put any thought in the fact that only those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior have that right. Which is why I echo Kay's question, Do you have a religion or do you have a relationship?

My God, My Father, You are the creator of heaven and earth, of our faith, and you are Love. Soften my heart so that I can see clearly how I have become callous to hallowing Your Name. May my words, actions, motivations, and prayers lift You up in revereace. Not because I am righteous but because of Your great mercy.

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