Itch To Pitch: Week 4

Okay so I've been a bit challenged this month as Big Daddy has the camera and well he is here:

and well I am here:

So since there was no way I was going to tote my laptop around taking pictures of all I have accomplished (yes the thought did cross my mind) I decided instead to share a pitch that I enjoyed immensely!!!!!


After 4 1/2 years, my braces are off!!!!!! Now that is a pitch I've been itching to have done for a long, long time. Don't forget to check in with The Happy Housewife to see what else is getting pitched!!!!!

1 comment:

Rachel Anne said...

Gorgeous!!! Love your smile! That has GOT to feel wonderful. YAY!!!

Can't believe you and your husband are on such different "islands!" I'm impressed with world travelers...