Truthful Thursday

Here is this weeks reading schedule:

Jul 16: Is 13-17
Jul 17: Is 18-22
Jul 18: Is 23-27
Jul 19: 2King 18:1-8; 2Chron 29-31; Ps 48
Jul 20: Hos 1-7
Jul 21: Hos 8-14
Jul 22: Is 28-30

Sorry my posts have been a bit brief lately. I've really had to practice good, better, best. A concept I got from A Woman After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George Good, Better, Best; never rest till your Good is Better and your Better is Best. She continued to explain that even though something might be good it might not be the best way to spend our time and suggested looking at any decision and asking if it is good can you make a better choice if so is it the best choice to make. Well seeing that the kiddos are down one parent, Big Daddy is currently TAD that means there are alot of things that have been put on the back burner as I am the only one currently meeting their needs and they also need a bit more TLC as they greatly miss their daddy. So although blogging can be a good thing, my better is spending time with my kids and my best is staying off the computer till they are asleep. So have you ever used good, better, best before? If not how could you use good, better, best?

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