Truthful Thursday

I know this is coming at you a bit late. I had an awesome day with the kids and have been so busy since my hubby went TAD. I've changed my my routine up a bit by not getting on the computer until CJ's nap time and then after the kids are in bed. This has left me with alot less time to blog but freed my days up to get some great quality time in with my children, who really need it as they adjust to Big Daddy being gone. So hang in there with me over the next several weeks as I may not get to participate in my usual meme's. All is well, I just have to adjust my priorities a bit as I'm a single parent for the time being!

Jul 9: Is 1-4
Jul 10: Is 5-8
Jul 11: Amos 1-5
Jul 12: Amos 6-9
Jul 13: 2Chron 27; Is 9-12
Jul 14: Micah
Jul 15: 2Chron 28; 2King 16-17

Father, thank you for your provision, your protection, and holding me in your hands ever so tightly as you mold me into the very vessel you desire for me to be. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

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