Company Girl Coffee 5-8-09

May 8, 2009

Wow there is soooo much to discuss over coffee today, so pull up a chair and get your cup ready! I've been waiting all week to tell you about my Mommy Night Off. For those who did not know, Big Daddy made reservations for me at a hotel in Naha. Traffic was crazy so literally when we were able to stop, I just hopped out of the van and then it was gone!!! And thus started my Night Off. After getting checked in, I decided to walk around the city. Found some shoes and just enjoyed the freedom to look at everything and not worry about anything getting broken or someone wandering off. When I started to get a bit tired I stopped by a Family Mart grabbed a bit to eat and headed back to the hotel. I enjoyed a nice hot bath and got settled in for the night only to realize I couldn't turn on the AC. So as I laid there, in complete silence and wondering how hot the room would get that night I began to feel guilty about having to take a full night off. And that was what I drifted off to sleep with.

In the morning I felt so refreshed and energized that I knew the reward for my night off would be well worth the cost. And as I ate at the breakfast buffet I started wondering how could I prevent the stress from overwhelming me again and getting so worn out that literally I wasn't being very productive to the most important people in my life. God showed me that I needed to slow down, take time to enjoy my children, make time to be with my husband, daily dwell with God and all other things would be taken care of. I've come to realized over the week since that things don't have to go just as I planned to be productive. So each day I've sought out those things that needed to be done and well, let everything else wait. I'm also trying to incorporate some great wisdom I received from a woman at church. Although we were talking about children and responsibilities they have; she shared with me what worked with all her kids. Each child knew what they needed to accomplish and before activities such as T.V or computer or anything leisure was enjoyed they first had to earn the freedom to do those things. Meaning was all their responsibilities taken care of. I've tried to make that a rule for myself concerning computer time, making a phone call, or running non essential errands. Before hopping on the computer I ask myself: "Have I done what needs to get done that day?" If not then I am working on the discipline to do those things first.

And up until Thursday, I have had a great week with the kids. My hubby is sick so he is a bit stand offish, as I don't get sick days. But today was a test of all things. I failed miserably at getting much accomplish. All three kids woke up and I thought they would all be sick, so we vegged on the couch and then they all started to perk up and were ready to go and I was way behind on everything and never seemed to catch up. Then around 4ish I realized I just need to get out. Go somewhere and just find some quiet place to recharge. And it worked, when I came back I was ready to put the kiddos to sleep and didn't feel so frazzled anymore. It feels so amazing to not have my emotions rule or ruin our days and evening. The medication is working great and I'm learning to recognize the signs that my stress level is rising and taking immediate action to simmer down.

God is really revealing so much to me and I can't wait to share it all with you but for that you will have to come back next week. I pray you all have a blessed weekend and if you know of a military wife who's husband is deployed I would like to encourage you to get her a card, or a bouquet, or better yet go give her a great big hug!!! You will minister to her more that you could ever imagine!!!

May my children always "be merciful, as [their] Father is merciful." Luke 6:36

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