Worship With Me Sunday

April 12, 2009

He Has Risen.... He Has Risen Indeed.

This year as I face the cross there is something going on within my very soul that has me asking myself this question: "You know what Christ did for you on the cross but are you ready to let Him continue with what work He has to do in you?" I am at a cross roads of sorts. I am at that most inner part within me that I feel we all hide from Christ and all others at some point. That most ugly part of us that we refuse to let Him shine his light on and so there it remains as we learn to keep it hidden and under wraps. That is until Christ leads us back there and asks: "Are you ready to surrender it all to me yet?" All I have professed to be true and that I believe to be true, its validity hangs on my very response to Christ. Do I say "Yes" and there for reveal all that I desire for even myself not to be reminded of because it truly will cause me to hang my head in shame, horror, embarrassment? Or do I say "I Can't Lord, I just can't." And continue to let the shadows of doubt cover over this very part of me. Either way I know my acceptance by Christ is not at stake, but there is a battle within my very self that does tell me much rides on this decision. And so here I am at the door of my heart looking in and wondering what will I have enough courage to do, ring the door bell, peak in the window, or reach out, grab that door knob and open the door to the very depths of who I am and say "Savior, this is all you died for and I am sorry." Oh I know what I need to do, but will I do it? Before you judge quietly remember even Christ for told that "The Spirit is Willing, But the Flesh is Weak." And so that is where I stand today, wanting to make a decision that is decisive and full understanding the weight of my decision, yet not fully aware of all the consequences that will result. So today my friends, if you would like to worship with me we will do so in complete silence. That we may ride our hearts of all distractions and listen not only to the Lord but get real with where we really are in our allegiance to God and how comfortable we have become in this world. And so I pray.......
Dear Lord, I want this decision I am going to make be one that is done through a deep desire to give all to You, not just because I know I need to. You have shown me so much this week and although I know there is so much at hand I stand here at the door of my heart, taking deep breaths wondering am I really ready. I don't want my "Yes" to be a knee jerk reaction but a confident "Here we go Lord, for You lets go into the darkness together." Give me strength, give me wisdom, and let not my faith dwindle but be renewed and transforming. Oh Savior that is my prayer today, transform us and let Your light shine into all the dark places we hide from You, from ourselves so that we can truly be all that You died for us to be!!! In Your name we pray, Amen

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