Tackle it Tuesday: Getting Ready for Summer

April 21, 2009

Since I finally finished de-cluttering my kitchen and making a home for everything that is in there, it is now time to go on to the livingroom


.... there was one tackle I had to do before I could start on my livingroom and it is the ever dreaded seasonal clothes swap out. Oh yes it was finally time to put away most of the winter clothes and pull out the summer clothes.

JJ's closet

CJ's closet

Thankfully being on a tropical island there really is only 3 types of weather here: COLD, HOT, or RAINING, so I don't have too much to switch out just sort through what clothes JJ and CJ will no longer need and seperate into donate(ended up with 2 bags) and hand-me-down piles(ended up with 2 bags also). Easy enough, right. It took most of the day to get it done but so worth it.

(here are the two boxes of hand-me-downs we will be keeping!)

Next on my to do list for the kiddos is to label their drawers so they can put up their own clothes. However that will have to wait as we currently don't have a printer. One small step at a time right.

Next week I'll post my plan for de-cluttering the living room. I'm hoping it doesn't take as long as the kitchen did, but with three kids and my crazy life, you just never know!!! Stop by Tackle It Tuesday as see what everyone else is up to as we blog our tackles together!!!

Bonus: Since I finally got pitcures picked out to finish my Mema's 09 calendar, I thought I would make a slide-show and share the pics I have chosen. Hope you enjoy!!! (Oh and thanks to Rachel Anne over at Home Sanctuary for the motivation to get this finished!!!)

Father, may we have the wisdom that You gave to David. Even through all the wrongs he committed his heart was set on You. That is wisdom that will never dissappoint, never lead us astray, and will always strengthen us when we stumble. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

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Anonymous said...

VERY impressed with your organization! I planted some annuals today. I think when the sun comes back on Friday, I will be out weeding our jungle. So much work to do outdoors, but the inside is in desperate need, too! ACK!!