Choosing Your Battles

April 20, 2009

On Sunday I let JJ go to church with his hair looking like this

I was not going to battle with him to brush it. We don't brush it through the rest of the week, so why make such a fuss on Sundays. I would much rather have a "Happy Heart" as we call it, on our way to church than have a little boy who is already building a dislike for cooperate worship. And it worked!!! There was no complaining when it was time to leave and for the most part they ALL did awesome at sitting through the church service. Afterwards I brought home CJ and JJ while Big Daddy and LJ stayed for Sunday School and Children's church. LJ was treated to some much needed one on one time with Big Daddy when they went to lunch afterwards.

So I was wondering, what battle have you decided is not worth the fight?

Psalm 124:8 God's strong name is our help, the same God who made heaven and earth.(MSG) Father, let us always rely and remember the strength that we have through you!!! You are our Advocate, our Healer, our Mercy, our Grace, and our Hope. Show us how to make You the Desire of our hearts and walk in the blessings of Your Presence. In Jesus name we pray, Amen

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Anonymous said...

We have huge battles over tangles in this home. My 7-year old said to me yesterday, "Dredlocks won't be so bad, Mommy!" HAHAHA!