Tackle it Tuesday: Birthday presents & Dresses

Well my birthday was on the 3rd and I'm just getting around to unpacking one of my favorite presents!!!!! The Pampered Chef stainless steel pot sets!!!

(I should probably tackle to desk too but I'll leave that for another day)

(all unpacked, now where to put it all?!?!)

(with a little rearranging, they all fit into one cabinet, yeah!!!)

(someones not happy about the last part of my tackle)

(boxes broken down and ready to be put in the trash room for recycling)

I also got an IPOD shuffle and am working on getting some music on it

And as far as my Running To Do List, I haven't done away with it, just gave it a more permanent home in my column to the right and go down a bit. Pretty neat huh!!! So I've got fabric for CJ's dress all ready and waiting for me to sew together

I can't believe I forgot to share this with you!!!! CJ's Easter dress finished!!!

What do you think!!!! I'm super excited that I finished in time for her to wear it for Easter. I'm also excited to see what else is going on at Tackle It Tuesday. Head on over and give some encouragement or get inspired by what's being tackled!!!!


Jennifer said...

I love those pots and pans! I haven't seen a catalog in so long, I didn't know they had these now -I have a couple of the old ones and love them. That sounds like much more fun than cleaning the desk! I don't blame you for waiting on the desk! My little one loves to get in boxes too and is always disappointed when it's time for it to go! I try to keep a box or basket available most of the time for her to play in. Amazing that something that costs nothing or almost nothing is a favorite toy!
That dress is adorable - I wish I had the talent to do that. (I have a CJ too - but mine is a boy.)

I wanted to come by and answer your question about the bagel pizzas. I only put them in the oven for a bout 5 minutes - just long enough to melt the cheese a bit. Then I flash freeze them before bagging them up. To reheat, I use the toaster oven - it takes about 10 minutes. I like doing them in there because the bagel gets a little crispy. You could reheat in the microwave, but they just wouldn't get that crispness.
Hope that helps!

FromThe Creek said...

Hope you had a Happy Birthday! Those pots and pans sure look wonderful...and so do the dresses!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really enjoy coming to your blog!

Susie said...

I love The Pampered Chef!! I am green with envy! Great tackle:-)

~Sara said...

Wow, what a great gift! The dress looks great too. Good job.

Donetta said...

Hello, Thanks for stopping by. Love the dress too cute. I too love to sew. I finally got the sewing table cleared this week.