Resurrection CountDown: Day 5

April 7, 2009

With the 8th egg, we will continue to walk our children through the Crucifixion of Christ. With the dice we will explain to them how the soldiers cast lots to see who would get Christ's garments.

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

Dear Jesus, let us be slow to walk through this week. Let our sins weight heavily on us that nailed you to the cross. Not to condemn but to drive home the very truth that without you there is no life, no hope, no redemption. To know where we are going, first we must know where we are. Press upon our hearts, this very day, if we are standing in your presence or if you would say "I never knew you". May our very souls rest only when we have become either hot or cold for you.Do not let us be content in being lukewarm. In Your Holy Name we pray, Amen

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