May the month of Moms

April 30, 2009

So a couple of years ago I started viewing Mother's Day a bit different. Instead of focusing on a day for me, I started pondering how I could become a better mom to my children, after all they are the reason I can celebrate Mother's Day. The first thing I felt conviction over was the lack of prayer I did for my children. (And that is still a work in progress) So for the month of May I'd like to use A Parent's Prayer Program by Bob Hostetler for my daily prayers. I hope you'll come back daily and join me in prayer also!!!!

Oh my soul, bless God!!! God You are my Creator, my Life, my Desire, my Father. May I seek each new day to please You. Give me the courage to look myself in the mirror and ask am I a vessel of Christ. When the world sees me do they see the Light of Christ or do they simply see familiarity. Father, show me how to let my light shine to the world. May Christ be a compass for the lost and comfort for those who have chosen Him as Savior and Lord. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen


Denise said...

Beautiful, bless you.

Amydeanne said...

I'm glad you could join today! Late is always good with me! lol fashionably late? lol hugs.
now those are some adorable chicklets! and what a great encouragement. I'll have to check out the link!

Jen said...

You are blessed!

I like the idea of a monthly prayer guide for our children! AND I like how you look at Mother's Day! I ought to do the same!

Thanks so much!


Cary Hairbows said... heart just flooded. I am going to post this, ok? The monthly prayer guide. Thank you! xoxo

Cary Hairbows said...

B--do you know how I can get a small icon button to place on my store blog as an link to the prayer guide? I may make one. :o)