Tackle it Tuesday: On A Hormonal Day

March 17, 2009

So what was suppose to be a quick straightening of my desk turned into a complete make over of my desk space. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does insane things like this when they get a "bit hormonal"?!?!

The mess that started it all

Here is where the hormones start kicking in, and I decide there is S-T-I-L-L too much on my desk!!

This was my solution for getting most of my homeschooling stuff off my desk, sigh

If I would have been in the right frame of mind, this would have been the end but then I start looking at the wall...

...and decide it all must come down

putting more holes in the wall, Big Daddy isn't going to be too thrilled

much better, all nice and symmetrical, ahh a sigh of relief

hahhaha... CJ finding an alternative use for the yard stick, whacking her brothers on the head (yeah they had it coming)

HAD to take a picture from another part of the house to complete my wall, finally!!!

I'm hoping to hand paint a border at the top of the wall to liven these yucky walls up. Just can't decide what to paint up there. Any suggestions? Also I accomplished nothing from my To Do List from last week so I will have a go at that again this week, we shall see.

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.....from The Christ of Easter by Calvin Miller
Perhaps The Greatest of All Sin is Not To Take Sin Seriously.
Lord, I know I will never be able to call the sin in my life to a halt. But forgive me when I sit down to play chess with the devil. Cleanse my heart so that any premeditated evil will never find a welcome there. Amen


BarbaraLee said...

So does this mean you are expecting or just your womanly thing?

黃立行Stanly said...
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