Busy As A Bee

March 10,2009
Dear Father, from the biggest to the littlest detail you care. In times where we don't understand Your reasons; remind us that You created all, know all, and are in control of all. It is in You and not our own understanding that we faithfully face each day. Let us find rest in Your unchanging and unfailing love, through Christ our Savior. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

That is how I felt all last week and it seems that is how it will be this week too!!! I really have to be on top of my To Do List this week and that means very little computer time. Sigh. Oh I am counting the days till summer!!! That is when most of my obligations will be over and I will be able to really enjoy my family more!!! I get to wipe the slate clean, enjoy my summer and bask in the fact that we are using Sonlight next year so no major lesson planning!!!! Yeah. It's amazing how the Lord has been transforming my Martha heart into a Mary heart. He is restoring my heart for my home and oh how thankful I am. Sometime you just have to touch the stove to realize, Y.E.S it is hot. But how thankful I am that my Savior is there to lather ointment on my burns till they are healed!!!

So......... I was able to tackle quite a bit last week. Here are some tale-tale pictures. You can also head on over to 5 Minutes for Mom (where by the way they are having a give a way for Walt Disney World, yep that's 4 One Day Park Hopper Tickets)and see who else is baring it all for the glory of Tackle It Tuesday!!!!

The Must Get Done List

-prep cubbie craft

-pay monthly bills
-finish purple folder menu plan
(within this folder is a one month breakfast, lunch and dinner menu along with all the recipes that are needed!!!)

(plus all the groceries that go along with it. Yea no plastic bags this month!!)
-write out notes for Children's Church lesson
-Go over Sunday School lesson plan
-order sandwiches for picnic on Sunday

The Would Be Great To Get Done List

-order pics for Mema's Calendar
-highlight and get icb translation for LJ's Spark verses
-cut out fabric for CJ's dress
(cut it out but cut it wrong, ugh!!!)

-sew Minnie Dress together
-- send Cary Hairbows much love 'cause CJ's bow turned out too stinkin' cute!!!!
- send out February cards, I am so behind this year, ugh

The If There Were More Hours In The Day List

-frequently called numbers list
-work on address book again
-finish de-cluttering the kitchen drawers
-work on CJ's summer dresses

And this is what I'm planning for this week:
It Better Get Done List:
-february and march cards (maybe I can get ahead of the game)
-notes for Children's Church (I can't believe that 6 weeks have already flown by)
-CJ's Minnie Mouse dress

If I Can Find A Spare Moment:
-order pics for calendar
-cut out fabric correctly

My Dream List:
-frequently called numbers list
-work on address book again
-finish de-cluttering the kitchen drawers
-work on CJ's summer dresses

Alright, so what is one thing you have to get done, one thing you would like to get done, and one thing your are thinking about doing this week?

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