Worship With Me Sunday: You Are Here

March 8, 2009

Oh my is the only way I can think to start this Sunday post. Humbled I am. Thankful that God has taken a situation that could have rendered me unfit to worship Him today and shown me the way to my knees, once again. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Father!

Yesterday evening I stood in the kitchen, with my husband, and went on and on about how I couldn't stand this particular person. Reason after reason I gave on why I was justified in not liking her. My husband in his great wisdom just stood there, listening but not saying very much. Well we didn't get to finish our conversation as we were interrupted by 2 wonderful blessings and that was the end of the conversation; or so I thought. I had gotten my feelings off my chest but that was to be only the beginning! God finished it this morning with my devotion, please let me share:

From The Christ of Easter by Calvin Miller:

...Christ managed to achieve something we find so difficult to master in our own lives- trusting others enough to freely serve them, yet not committing ourselves to their unstable sense of allegiance. For example Jesus loved Judas as much as he loved the other disciples, but he was not shattered when Judas betrayed him. Because he understood the treachery of human nature, he loved Judas anyway. He does the same with us. How often we have disappointed Christ, yet he is never destroyed by our momentary betrayals. Betrayal is human, but then humanity was his business. Palm Sunday is evidence that we are to serve our friends and even to receive their accolades. We must always remember, however, that only God is perfect. Friends can disappoint us. But if we love like Christ, we must keep on loving them even as they disappoint us." from The Christ of Easter by Calvin Miller

Prayer: Lord knowing how fickle I am in loving you, help me not to be debilitated when my own friends begin to betray me. Loving the unlovely has always been your kind of love. Help me to remember that such love is really grace simply wearing an earthier garment. Amen

And now you know... the rest of the story. Can I get an Amen!!!!!

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Blessings to you as you allow the truths He has shared with you sink into your heart and through you to all you know!