I'm Saved But Not Sinless

February 19, 2009

Dear Father, may we always have compassion for the lost and those who are in bondage. Help us to remember that you came not to save the holy but to save the sick. Let us act upon the opportunities you give us this week to demonstrate You Love not just to those we find it so easily to love, but those who help us to follow your example and love them even when we can find no reason to love. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

As I was reading Leviticus 19, I kept thinking of Romans 5:8. God did not call the Israelites to be his people because they were holy, rather he chose them to make them holy. Just as God makes us holy through Jesus. So why then do we become so judgmental of those who struggle with sin that is not a struggle for us? We have been redeemed by the blood of Christ, death no longer has it's sting for those who have accepted Christ's gift of Salvation. Why do we forget that Salvation does not equal no more sin? We do not, nor can we live, a perfect life. If we could there would have been no use for Christ's life, death, and resurrection. So the next time you find yourself being critical of someones struggles instead of being critical, pray for them. And when you find yourself being critical of others pray for yourself that God would help you not be boastful and prideful. When we attended Brice's Creek Bible Church, Pastor Barry once said that when his children were younger and conflict would arise, he would have them both apologized to each other. The offended to the offender and the offender to the offended. And if the offended said they had nothing to apologize for, he would say you do now. Pride is as slippery as a snake and slithers in quietly and undetected but has the strength to suck the compassion and grace right out of you. Two resources we use that is teaching us how to keep pride at bay is the Brother Offended Chart and the For Instruction In Righteousness manual. Doorposts has amazing resources that our family has found so very helpful at helping our family build our cornerstone on Christ. When our children only numbered two, I use to go right after the offender, making sure he knew his actions were wrong and made sure that he asked for forgiveness of his sibling. After reading the Brother Offended Booklet, I quickly realized that I was missing a huge opportunity to instill in the offended a heart that had compassion and grace and it seemed in our house building up a little one that was becoming self-centered and prideful. This chart has helped us to teach our children that the offended has the responsibility to have a heart that will forgive completely and not retaliate. The manual For Instruction in Righteousness has been a tremendous help in correcting and praising our children with scripture. What tools do you use in your house as you "direct you children onto the right path?"


Blessed Mom of 8 said...

I'm reading a wonderful book now - that I just posted about. All about God's love for us and them!

Praising God His timing is perfect to bring us the tools we need - when we need them!

Blessings to you!

tara @ kidz said...

WOW.... we are on the same page here! I just gathered other people's thoughts. This week has been nutzo and I can't collect my own thoughts. You, however.... I loved your post. You are amazing. Thanks for the excellent references and reminders!