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For those who visit my blog often you might have seen a difference in the way I've been posting over the last week, so I want to quickly explain why. As I feel reading through the Bible and daily prayer is the heart of my blog, I have started each post with the date (which is linked to the scripture reading for that day) and a prayer. Depending on if I am participating in any Meme's for the day, this prayer might be brief or the whole matter of the post. As this blog is a reflection of my personality, I wanted to stay true to who I am and also give each visitor a glimpse of me as well. Part of that personality is not only sharing God's Word and Christ's Love at every opportunity, but I am an "organized"(wondering about OCD) person and it just drove me nuts that all my posts were not the same. Just ask The Design Girl (formerly Blogs by Danielle). I'm not sure she will ever want to work with me concerning a blog make over again. See my button on the right over there? Look at how it is all balanced and symmetrical?! That was at the request of some one who needed to have a "balanced" button in her life. Seriously!

Anyway, the other huge thing you might notice is that my posts are appearing up to a day early. Well the simple answer to that is that we live in Okinawa, Japan. I'm at least 12 hours ahead of all my State side friends. I tried blogging in the same time zone as you all,but it was driving me crazy and not helping me keep my days in order here. So no I'm not trying to beat everyone to being the first to post, just trying to keep this absent minded brain of mine on track.

February 19, 2009

Dear Father, as I read the last part of today's readings it was as if you were talking about today. Lord, our country has strayed so far from You. Father to reclaim our nation for You we must first reclaim the hearts of our children. We must be a light to our children and those around us. Let us not just tell others how to live but live a life that honors You and shows others the love of Christ. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

Speaking of being absent minded, I have no WFW to post today but make sure you go check out all the inspiring pictures shared at The 160.

Week 8:
Feb 19 Leviticus 19-21
Feb 20 Leviticus 22-23
Feb 21 Leviticus 24-25
Feb 22 Leviticus 26-27
Feb 23 Numbers 1-2
Feb 24 Numbers 3-4
Feb 25 Numbers 5-6

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Amydeanne said...

hey no worries, it happens sometimes! :) And I like your design!

re: the button is on the WFW page, or you can use my side button! :)

God Bless and enjoy your week!