Delayed Obedience

... is disobedience.

February 1, 2009
Lord, how quickly I found myself asking why the Pharaoh didn't just relent to your power, your requests and then I started thinking about my own life and struggles I have been through. How many of them were because of disobedience? How many times have I chosen what was wrong fully know what is right? Search our hearts Lord and reveal to us those things which we are unwilling to give up control of. Create in us hearts that desire to worship you and give to you that which is due as our Mighty God, our Wonderful Creator. Let not our hearts be hardened but be transformed and renewed by Jesus Christ our Savior. In His name we pray, Amen

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Anonymous said...

This I would call a "Dave-izum" my old youth pastor had A LOT of saying he would repeat and this is one of them! Amen! preach it girl!