Dinner Mats

I'm finally getting around to posting about the weaving project I did with the kids. The original instructions are from Art Projects for Kids but here is how I modified it for our craft:

Here is JJ's undone. Basically you take your solid piece of paper and cut lines, evenly spaced, leaving a margin on both sides. I suggest at least using 1.5 inches spaced lines for little hands. Take a couple more sheets of paper and cut out strips, portrait length, in various widths.

Next show your child how to weave: over, under, over, under. Make sure you alternate how you start each line. If you started over with your first cut piece of paper you will need to start under with the second cut piece of paper.

Once all the weaving was done I laminated each project so that the kids could use them as dinner mats when we sit down to eat.

I am quite certain that for the month of February there will be lots of "LOVE" crafts happening at MorningStar. So what was one of your favorite crafts you did with your child(ren). Please share by leaving a link in the comments!!!

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