Blessings for CJ

Wow, it's hard to believe that just two years ago we welcomed our baby girl into this world!!! What a journey and learning experience it has been. CJ, we are so thankful and blessed that the Lord chose you to complete our family. Thank you for hanging in there and giving us a softer view of life. We love you so very much!!!!

January 31, 2009

Almighty God, Creator of Life, Thank You for blessing our family with CJ. You are a gracious God to give us our little princess. Father help us to lead her to a personal relationship with Christ on the path you have chosen for us. Let us mold her into that which you have created her to be and not what we want her to be. Let her know always not only how much we love and accept her but most importantly how much you love her and have give her the most important gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. Protect our precious daughter and keep her from harm's grip and out of danger's path. May she flourish in health and knowledge of being a daughter of The King this year. Lord we also call blessings upon her future husband. May he have the Word of God instilled in his heart at an early age, come to know Christ as a child and begin to practice a personal relationship with his Savior. May he have good examples to instill in him the biblical truths of being a husband and father. May he stay pure for our daugther that he can completely give himself to her as husband on their wedding day. Father we know that you have already laid a path out for CJ, as parents help us to follow this path and be an encouragement to Your will for her life and not a stumbling block. In Jesus Name we pray these things, Amen

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Lisa said...

Nice to meet you, I have entered to you in my contest. BTW, I have an AJ, CJ is so cute, don't they grow up too fast?