Life = Respect

January 30, 2009
God Almighty, as I have been in prayer for Harper, Brayden, and their NICU buddies it breaks my heart to know that our country has hardened their hearts against the life of unborn children just as Pharaoh did. In the shadows of the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, we continue to have elected officials that have taken on the same mindset as Pharaoh. Lord soften the hearts of those who do not see the value in life, born or unborn. We ask for healing of those babies that are being treated in NICUs all over our country. Make perfect their bodies that they may grow up to be a mighty warrior in Your army!!! And Father God, just as the heart of the Pharaoh's daughter went out to baby Moses, let also our hearts go out to each precious miracle that You have chosen to give life to!! Let our culture no longer throw our future into the Nile River, but value each life and protect each life from time of conception till time of natural death. In Jesus Restoring Name we pray, Amen

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