Don't Know it All

I just wanted to quickly state that as we go through the Bible this year, there will many things that I am not able explain or understand. I will do the best that I can to provide you with insight to what I believe, HOWEVER know that I am human and will error!!!!! I am okay with not understanding everything because I have great confidence in God that He will provide the understanding that I need. I rest my faith in God that the Bible is accurate and true. I rest my confidence in Him that He will not let His Holy Word be perverted. If ever there is a time that I post something you do not agree with and you would like to "share" your view with me please do so via email so that our focus on prayer is not altered. My desire is to glorify God's Word and not Man's Theology. With that some may have questions concerning Genesis 6, specifically what does sons of God and daughters of Man mean; I know I did. I came across this blog A More Excellent Way, and thought it was worthy of sharing in regards to this specific topic. As with any interpretation of the Bible I charge you with the responsibility to seek out and test this against scripture to determine it to be true and not just take my word on it.
I do hope that you are doing great at reading through the Bible so far and if you haven't started it is still early enough to catch up, just read Genesis 1-7 and you will be ready for tomorrows scripture reading: Gen 8-11

January 2, 2009
Heavenly Father, How blessed we are that from the very beginning you had a plan to redeem us. Nothing has been left to chance. We pray now that we may be pleasing to you as Noah and Enoch were. As we continue through this year may we "walk steadily with you" as Enoch did. Let us not miss the Ark. Father while there is still time may you soften the hearts of those who have turned away from you, may you open our eyes that we may see the true motives of our hearts and conform our ways to your will. May our shelter be built upon our Solid Rock, Jesus and may we settle for nothing less that The Truth, our salvation in Jesus Christ alone. Father, comfort those who will be persecuted for you today, comfort those who are hurting, and help us to never lose the joy and peace you provide us in your Son, Jesus Christ. In Christ's Holy Name we pray, Amen

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Amydeanne said...

i love the end there.. to test it out against straight scripture. that is a fantastic, and so true!