Determine To Make A Difference

I am so excited to begin our Year of Determined Prayer. This year I will be going through the Bible in Chronological order and, if you are joining me, we will be going through the Book of Genesis and Job in January. So lets get started, here is the reading plan for our first week:
Jan 1: Gen 1-3
Jan 2: Gen 4-7
Jan 3: Gen 8-11
Jan 4: Job 1-5
Jan 5: Job 6-9
Jan 6: Job 10-13
Jan 7: Job 14-16

January 1, 2009
Father, as we start this new year let us be reminded of all You created. When we desire to see Your Glory let us look no further than the flowers in the fields You made and marvel at the eagles that soar on the wind of the skies You spoke into being. Let us be in awe of the magnificent volcanoes that erupt just as You perfectly designed. Let us not forget the Lord that commands the oceans to stop and go no further. Let us be seduced no more by the fleeting things of this world but set our hearts on Your Glory, Your Wonder,and Your Majesty. This year may we draw closer to You and separate ourselves from the idols that so cleverly call us away from You. Father, we are determined to once again become a Nation Under God, For God, and to Serve God. May Your wisdom pour out on our Nation and break the bondage of ignorance and deception. It is for Your Glory and Your Kingdom that we bend our knees and pray and ask that our hearts be set on things above. In Christ's Name we claim these things to be, Amen

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