Training Thursday: Week 1

Alright, ladies and gents. I'm back at it again. When we moved down to Kinser, I let my workout routine get packed up and forgot to unpack it. So I'm dusting off my motivation and trying out a new ab circuit routine. My goal this morning was to do all three sets of reps. Ha!!! Lets just say I persevered through the first set and that was enough for these flabby abs!!!!

Here is my workout plan from now until we go back to the States.

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: do at home workout from persona trainer

Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturdays: do ab circuit workout

At least twice a month workout in weight room at gym.

So are you getting in gear to fend off those extra holiday pounds? If so how? Check back on Thursdays to see how I'm doing and let me know how your plans are going!!! Together we can find the motivation to get our butts in gear!!!!

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