Tackle it Tuesday: Forgotten Lists

So I made a list in July of things I wanted to accomplish. I updated that in August but still had the following that needs to be completed:
1)Mount stamps & 2)Make CJ a quilt

Well the stamps are still in their boxes, however I did make progress on CJ's quilt as I picked out all the fabric needed to make her quilt. This took a bit of time as my blocks have gone from 9 12 inch blocks to 45 12 inch blocks as I now need to make a twin size quilt since we will be moving her to a Big Girl Bed at Christmas. Here is the fabric according to how many blocks I have to cut out of each piece.

So my goal for this week is to have all 12 inch blocks cut out and arrange blocks into 5 groups of 9. After this is done, that's when the real fun begins, so check back next week to see how its coming along.

And then there was this tackle from September that I still needed to complete.
- I finally finished those kitchen towels and even hemmed a new table cloth.

Of course you know I have to add to the list as I need to get Birthday Cards done for October, yikes I can't believe I let that slip this month!!!

Oh and I forgot to post pictures of the Cubbie vests with their patches on them last week!!!!

Too bad the kids were still sick and I didn't get to see my Cubbies proudly wear their vests:( Now you can head on over and see what else is being accomplished today. Happy Tackling!!

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