Here's A Laugh On Me

So you would not believe, or if you really know me this is very typical, the fact that I stayed up way too late last night finishing my post for Tackle It Tuesday only to realize that it was only Monday and not even Tuesday in any time zone.

Then I decided to call VisionWriters home office to get some help in filling out forms for the study we are going to start this month called Character of God. Well, I thought I was calling at 2pm in the afternoon, but actually called at 8am in the morning. Thanks Fawn for being so cheerful and helpful that early in the morning;especially when I was so tired and the phone connection was horrible!!!!

It seems that the "What were you thinking" syndrome is in the genes. I'm not sure whether to laugh at or cry with CJ when she gets VERY upset that she can not pee standing up like her brothers do.

Speaking of brothers I'll keep the laughter rolling as I share with you a conversation I had with JJ recently. After getting very frustrated with his big brother LJ; he came to me very serious like and told me that he thought having 3 children was too many. I must confess that I was only half listening and did not realizing what I was agreeing to when I answered him "Yes honey your right." Without missing a beat, he then informs me, "Well we will just have to get rid of LJ so you wont have too many kids." Needless to say, I did alot of back peddling on that one.

And for a bonus here is one last funny I would like to share with you, as my dear friend Rosie should have done some serious back peddling in this video, I can promise you it will be well worth the trip over to her blog, oh and you can tell her I sent ya, he-he.

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