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So I am in a bit of a peculiar situation at this moment. Once again our power will be off all day, oh boy. However I am not able to go anywhere as CJ still has not gone 24 hours without a fever. She did go all day yesterday without vomiting and has decided on eating oatmeal and drinking pedialyte only. Hey whatever works at this time is fine with me. Our nights are still sleepless as she wakes up with a fever and is not able to breath through her nose so she doesn't sleep well at all and neither do I. Please pray that her fever has finally broken as we have AWANA tomorrow and I would really like to go, however I require that all my children are fever free for 24 hours before I take them out into public again. I missed last week due to a migraine and really want to see all my Cubbies again.

Speaking of church, our Pre-School Ministry is busting at the seams!!!! What a wonderful situation to be in and to help out our parent volunteers during our Extended Teaching Care hour, we provide a craft pack with a schedule of things to do during that time. And that is where you come in!!!!! The craft for Oct 26th is a Books of the Bible Wreath. My desire is to come up with 66 different items to represent each Book of the Bible along with the verse reference in hopes that our parents will take the time to look up each with their child. So if you don't mind, leave some of your favorite stories from the Bible and the verse reference in my comments. Once I finalize the craft, I'll post a picture, so check back and see if your story was chosen!!!! And thanks in advance for helping in the advancement of our God's Kingdom.

Okay, one more thing before I run out of time. I once heard a quote that has stuck with me and helped hold me accountable for the things I say, do, and think. And I pose this question to you also:
If you were on trial for being a Christian, would their be enough evidence to convict you? Selah.
I am a note taker and if you see me on Sunday mornings you will see me feverishly writing away as the Pastor speaks. He does provide us with an outline, but I always feel that there is so much more to include for further study or to have on hand for reference at a later time. My goal is to use the sermon for quite time and go deeper into what is being taught as you can only cover so much in a 40 minute segment of time. But there is another method to my madness. I want to leave a history of what I believe. I always imagine that when I go to join my Savior, those who go through my stuff will, of course, be nosey and look through my journals. And I want to leave one last opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ with anyone who may not believe and hopefully have to opportunity to stir within them that void we are all born with and the answer of how to fill it, receiving Jesus Christ as your LORD and SAVIOR!! I am who I am because of Christ as he daily renews me and helps me die to myself daily and little by little grow into the "Momma J" he created me to be and not the one I think I should be. Bottom line I have to daily die to what I want and be renewed by my Savior to seek after what he wants from me and not live in the flesh. I write this more for myself as a reminder of why I do what I do daily, because Christ has called me to do this! Not because I'm good at it or am capable but because he has called me to be a stay-at-home mom who teaches her children at home, who has little value in the worlds eyes as I do not have a career and often challenge the "norm" of our society but when all this has faded I will have the glory of knowing that I answered the call of my Savior and that one day the whole picture will be revealed and my only desire is that I be an effective tool that Christ has used!!

I plead GUILTY as charged.

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