Got the Fever, Tackle It Tuesday

As I look back at my pictures today, I am impressed with the progress I made. After all its not easy keeping a home clean let alone, having 3 children in your house 24/7 and trying to maintain some sorta sanity when it comes to having a home that is lived in yet still doesn't look like the local dump site. I read, over the summer, a book that has really inspired and helped me to find new ways to look at my space and keep it organized and cleaner longer and with less effort, for the most part. What is this miracle book you might be asking????? A House That Cleans Itself by Mindy Starns Clark who also has a blog here that I just discovered today, I can't wait to read it!! And if you check out here, you will go to a site that has the first chapter for you to download for free!!!
But hey don't take my word for it, just check out these pics!!!

The top of this curio cabinet has now become a no dumping zone!!

That no dumping zone caused me to finally hang up our clocks for the different time zones. I just wonder how long it will take me before I label them, he-he.

Now on to CJ & JJ's room. Taking the before pictures, which the book suggests, really helped me to "see" the mess more clearer and help find simple solutions in solving the problem areas. So look at how much difference this really makes!!

BTW, CJ is potty training.

Shots of the closets.

This side of the room just wasn't working for me, so with a little re-arranging. Presto-Chango we now have a space that can not conceal messes and also makes it easier for the kids to put up their toys since they don't have to go behind the glider any more.

Oh but wait there is more, oh yes I was on a roll today. Here is before and after shots of the family center. This is a place where I display the kids crafts and anything else that might pertain to the entire family such as birthday invitations or club schedules, and of course stickers are always located here.

And then I finally got around to switching out the curtains in our master bedroom. The ones I originally hung up weren't long enough. I finally took out the hem on these curtains and got them up and it makes me feel much better that the entire window is covered now!!!!

And although I didn't redo LJ's room today, I did want to show you his room and how the system really works. I am going to get these pics developed and then hang them in his closet so that he always has a reminder of where his things should go. Also it will help with clean up before friends leave.

Stop by here and see who else was in the tackling mode.

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