Turn-Off Thursday

So our day didn't start off or stay T.V. free. But it was very busy and full of unexpected surprises!!! First surprise....................

Big Daddy made this discover before going to work, its a snake. A blind snake to be exact. They eat ants and live in loose soil, we later found out this is how he got into our 2nd story apartment as he was a stowaway in some plants a neighbor gave us. So Big Daddy took the snake off to work to find out what it was and if we needed to worry about her momma. Disclaimer: Okay so I didn't even think about this until I was on the phone with Mema and she connected the dots for me by asking "If its a baby snake, where is the mom." I get off the phone with her and(drum roll please) the power goes off!!!!!! Surprise number 2.

Of course I tell the boys to play in their room on their beds so mommy can take a shower before all the hot water runs out. I take CJ with me and then arrives Big Daddy with surprise 3................

ANIMAL CONTROL and I'm in the shower!!!!!!!! He assures us that this is actually a grown up snack,not venomous and then asks if we want to keep it. Of course I do a big loud NO!!!!!!!

Things calm down a bit, we go out the door to get some gas and vacuum out the van, what fun!!!!

Head to the Food Court for some lunch as we have no power to cook.

By this point in the day, I take the time to enjoy the wonderful view of the ocean that I get to see EVERYDAY!!!!! The ocean has always had a calming effect on me. If I ever have the chance I can sit on the beach front to watch the waves come in and go out for hours. I love the smell of the ocean and the feel of the salt in breeze.

We headed to the library to finish school and then visited a friend to escape the heat. This was a double blessing for both of us as it turned out they had to take their dog to the vet and we watched their DD2. Things didn't turn out well and the dog was put down. DD1 is having a hard time with this so please pray for them. For DD1 as she works through the grief of losing a pet and my friend as she struggles with not knowing what to do to ease the pain of her child!!!

We ended our day with a breakfast dinner and it was a big hit!!!!! So Stay Tune as we go at it again and strive to make TURN-OFF THURSDAY a success next week!!!!

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