Ocean View

Moving day has come and gone and although there are still several boxes left to deal with, no way you would be able to eat anything on our table and the kitchen counters are unrecognizable; this is home!!! Well at least for the next two years. Tower life is alot better than I thought it would be. We were blessed with the second floor, a beautiful view of the sea, and more room than I realized. We did down size a bit but we fit very comfortable in the apartment and are enjoying everything being on one floor, as Big Daddy says "It's easier to keep tabs on the kids!" I hope to have the dinning area and kitchen finished in the morning and that will leave the bathrooms and hanging up decorations. I get to go shopping for curtains and cork boards tomorrow!!! Shopping in Okinawa is always an adventure as you have to walk up and down each aisle because all the signs are in Kanjii.

Well there is much for me to do over the next several weeks as I finish up and start some projects for church. AWANA's has started again and we will begin our school year on the 8th of September, so there is last minute planning for that going on as well. Big D will check in to his new command so we await to find out how his work schedule will be like and try to enjoy every moment we have left while he is on leave. Have a wonderful Labor Day and Happy Blogging!!

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