Really Everlasting?

As I lay down beside my daughter this morning, a prayer swelled up from my heart:

"Lord, may you shine so bright through me into the hearts of my children that there is no way they could ever deny you."

This prayer stemmed from Chapter 24 of The Rest of the Gospel where the author speaks frankly about the fact that God doesn't give us anything for our benefit but for the benefit of others. He gives others to us, for us, to pour forth the Everlasting Waters that dwells within us. We do this because we will never run dry; because we possess the origins of the flow.

It is our duty to pour out all we have into others and have faith that God will not run dry in our lives. But do we really live so boldly? Can we, willingly, give every ounce of who we are, in complete faith, that Christ is all you really need?

I'm not certain I can do that for the whole world, but I do think I can start with my children and husband. How about you, who is someone that you could give all of yourself to, completely, in faith that God will fill your cup back up to overflowing?

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