A Birthday Wish

It is amazing how quickly we went from this

to this

As I ponder these last 11 years, I think of so much I would have done different if given the chance to rewind. Been more attentive to your daily habits and less to dirty dishes. Less time on the phone and more on the floor engrossed in you imaginary adventures. So many things I would have done different BUT one thing I'd never change is being blessed with an amazing son!!!! I could have NEVER gotten to where I am now without the desperate plea to be every bit the mother you deserve!!! And I have often prayed that I would always be worthy, in your eyes, to be called Mom. You changed our world forever and captured our hearts from the first breath you took. You are my ray of sunshine! Thank you for every morning hug and night time kiss. May you continue to grow in God's grace and love and mercy!!

Happy Birthday Son!!! We love you more than words can express!!!

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