$O Budget Project

Okay, so I have blown the $0 budget theme big time, but not before I made a really cool calendar center!!!!

This week's  for Social Saturday was inspired by Full of Great Ideas $0 Budget Month.

Last year I had a 12 month tear away calendar. Well after December I was stuck with the back of it and a need for a new calendar for 2012. My first step was to pick out a calendar template I like. Thankfully I came across ANYTHINGBUTPERFECT.COM!! She has printables galore and they are F-R-E-E, yeah!!!! Then I rounded up some clothes pins and away I went!!!

Out with the old!! I cleared away all the pieces that didn't tear off.

Next I found some fabric that was cute and would last me a couple of months. As much as I would love to change this out every month, it just ain't happening. I made sure there was about an inch extra all the way round.

Next I used my glue gun and went to town. To make it a little neater, I used my "sewing" skills and folded in the sides. I know there is a name for this but I have no idea. See mad sewing skills!!!!!

Then I used this handy dandy tool, not sure what it is called either, but it punches a hole into the fabric with a really loud sound effect!!! But hey it works.

Then finished off the backboard with these circle things. Some left-over stuff from when I made cards. 

Here are my cloths pins spray painted and glued into place. 

Nice ribbon and rick rack for special effect, looking good!!!

Monthly calendar, which quickly filled up!

Two more cloths pins with ribbon glued on. I use these to show at a quick glance what we will be doing for the week and my to do list for the day.

And this is my monthly cleaning list. As I complete a task I just mark it off. This helps me stay on task and remain flexible to go with my never the same daily routine!!!

And as much as I am patting myself on the back for this project, you have to go check out more amazing ideas as Stephanie takes January to share with us awesome ways to go an entire month without spending a dime. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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