My Father's Voice

"It wont be easy, but I am with you."

"What, are you serious. After all He has put you through and you fall for the I am with you line. Don't do it!"

"Oh God, I want to believe him! I am confused and scared and hurt. I don't understand anything anymore."

"Come home!"

And with those two words, the battle was over and the devil was furious. Bringing up the past and making accusations against God. But I had hear my God's voice and knew clearly now who Satan was. And boldly declared to him: "Get out of my thoughts and you have no room in my life anymore!!!!"

And there was silence. I heard nothing and got really scared. And the only thing I could whisper was a line that came flashing back from a Judy Blume book:

"Are you there God?"

"I ALWAYS have been."

"This is too much, I can't do this I can't face another day with this heartache. It hurts so bad Father, it hurts so bad." I remember saying that over and over and over: "It hurts so bad."

"My daughter, it wont be easy but I am with you. Do you believe that? Do you trust in that?"

"God, you have to get me through this. I can't do this on my own. I am not strong enough."

"Then fall into my arms, my precious child."

To be continued... Just as life does

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