What's your dream of Christmas

Alright, hopefully you have finished up your Master Christmas Card List. If not, take a break from it this week and we will get back to it soon enough. For Week 11 I want you to jot down some ideas about the following:
(I guess I should have suggested this last week but I get a three prong folder each year to keep my 12 Weeks to Christmas stuff in. By the end of the year you will have a nice keepsake for years to come if you put a copy of everything we work on week by week!!!!)

  • What Christmas devotion/ advent you will be using
  • What is your budget for Christmas gifts and celebration 
  • Start thinking about where you are going to have Thanksgiving. 
  • A cleaning plan to get your home visitor ready for the holidays
This week Linky will be open to any Christmas post from past. In 2009 I posted our Christmas Card picture from Tokyo Disney and a modified version of our Christmas letter on my blog. I did the same thing in 2010 and will do it again this year, lol. I look forward to reminiscing with you of Christmases past and hope to see you next week as well!!

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