Not Forgotten

Nothing grabs your attention more than the Lord talking to you. Especially when you haven't been talking to him. I was saved at an early age. Around 8ish but because my mother and I soon moved after that heart transforming even,  I never grew. I didn't go to church much, I didn't pray, I didn't know Jesus and had an "idea" of who God was.

I remember well the day God spoke to me about Big Daddy.  I was walking, with a friend, back to our barracks room and he was sitting outside his room, drinking a beer, head down and displaying no acknowledgement of my existence. Sulley and I had just come back from eating at Denny's and as clear as day; within my mind "You will marry this man" broke through the idle chatter and almost knocked me off balance. I stuttered ...... stumbled ...... giggled and kept right on walking.

It's amazing what God will do to get your attention!!! 

It's amazing how God answers the prayers of so many years before, even after they are forgotten.

Yes, this is why I want have to look back. To see the beauty in my ashes.

Looking back I wonder: "Why was it so much easier to hear God back then than it is now?" You would think it would be the other way around. And I was about to learn how difficult it would become when you start listening to God ....

To be continued - just as life does

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