As mom's across the world wake up on Mother's Day I feel blessed and also take time to pray for those who might be hurting. A child forever changes your heart and motherhood is a bond not easily broken and when it is; heartbreak comes forth. This bond can be broken through miscarriage, death, separation or adoption. No matter the circumstance the result is always the same: there are those who wake up on Mother's Day and do not call themselves blessed. Take time this morning and ask God to help you recall, by name, a mother who could use prayer. I know 3 special moms that I pray for specifically on Mother's Day as well as through out the year. Their heartache reminds me to hold my children a little closer and not take for granted the time I have been given with them. After all, if it weren't for our precious children we could not call ourselves mom.

And if you yourself are a mother with broken bonds; may the Holy Spirit ever so gently remind you that although your child is not with you, you are still their mom and being a mom comes at a great cost. No matter that a broken bond developed because of the death of a child or a love so great that you are willing to give your child to another woman to care for or you might be experiencing a lie revealed and walk daily with the heartache of knowing that you aborted your child. These are realities of motherhood and a true testament of how strong a mother's love is for her child. If it were not so, your grief, pain, loneliness and confusions would not be so great! I have no healing words of wisdom but want you to know that you have been placed upon my heart and I prayed for you today!!!! I know my prayers cannot heal you but I do pray that you feel the presence of the great I AM who is also our Great Comforter. You are not forgotten and no less worthy to bear the name Mom today!!!

If this post is speaking to you, would you do me a favor and leave in the comments your name? I want to pray for you!!! If you have a blog and would like to link it up so that other moms who are going through what you are going through can find a safe place to grieve, please do that as well. I will leave the Linky up for the entire month of May.

Before I go, I wanted to share with you why I have such a deeper understanding of the heartache that goes along with Mother's Day. My story of motherhood began with heartache. In September of 2000 at 4 months pregnant I miscarried. I was active duty military taking over the counter medication to control my weight. I had noticed that I had gained about 8 pounds, which put me at my max and couldn't lose it. This is a big deal in the military, you can get kicked out for being over weight. So I was working out more and taking this medication and it did not occur to me that I might be pregnant because 1) my husband and I were using contraceptives and 2) I was still menstruating. So as I was waiting in line to receive my mandatory flu shot there was a notice that if you were pregnant, you should not take the flu shot. (Yes there was a time they did not encourage women to get the flu shot while pregnant.) It dawned on me at that time I might be pregnant. I explained to the Corpsman  my situation and he sent me to get tested for a pregnancy. And in about 45 minutes my world was forever change. YES, I was pregnant. That excitement was quickly turned into the deepest sorrow I had ever felt while I was in the ER because I had miscarried. All the other details were connected later but at that moment I will never forget the depths of the pain  from the loss of a child I would never meet!!!!!!!  My heart can't even imagine the pain other moms' go through who get to hold their children, watch them grown or even hold them as they die. What I do know is that the only thing that got me through those years of fear and blame and pain was prayer. The prayer of others and the prayer of my heart. So that is why I as: "Can I pray for you!!!"

So this year let us not only bless all mothers with a wonderful day but also take time to reflect on all the wonderful children who have made it possible to have the blessing of being called Mom.

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