Friday Photo

The progress continues!!! This week I'm going through pictures 50-124 and here are some highlights. All these photos were taken between 2005 and 2006.  All but one was taken while in Okinawa, the other one was from our trip to Salt Lake City to visit Big Daddy's brother. Enjoy!

Our first Thanksgiving on Okinawa, Japan
The most important men in my life!!!
LJ was always running around naked and it was so funny how simple objects could hide that fact.
Working on getting Christmas pictures in 04
I love JJ's cheeks and LJs eyes in this picture and the non-stop drool for JJ as well.
We were headed to the Christmas Fest by Courtney's Commissary.
LJs first Christmas program. I was pregnant with CJ.
This was in Salt Lake City. We went to visit Big Daddy's brother and the boys fought over getting in this thing the whole time.
To be able to pinch those cheeks again. Here we are celebrating JJs 1st b-day at McDonald's in Gushikawa.
Feeding the carp at Comprehensive Park. Well I'm not sure if JJ was feeding the carp or himself.
Partners in crime!!
Eating with Daddy after his graduation from NCO Academy. Oh Enlisted Days, I miss you!
At the Aquarium in Naha.
Acting like tourists.
Enjoying the ocean. This was a beach down past Camp Courtney.
Always in action. I love how LJ is so slim and JJ is so chunky!!
Those cheeks again. Sigh I really miss them.
Even Big Daddy enjoyed building castles in the sand!
Well, that's it for today!!! Hope you stop by and enjoy me as I walk down memory lane and get my photos organized!!!

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Laura Lou said...

Wow! I served in the Corps, too! LOVED Okinawa--the culture, its people, its FOOD!

And how funny---today's "word verification" is semper! NO JOKE! ;D