Friday Photos

Wow is it Friday already?! And I still have to do my post for my CSI Project Yikes. Well this post is going to be a bit short. I am able to report that I was able to finish the folder named Oki life!! Yeah. I am so glad I have my blog to keep me accountable. It sure is nice to look at the pictures but this cutting and pasting. Boring. Speaking of which, on with the post and some highlights from pictures 100-156.

This was such a fun day and this was one of our favorite parks in Okinawa!
This was one of those it's fun but I'm about to puke moments, ha ha.
We really miss the slides!
We named this one drop slide.....
because as you can see this is a no kiddin slide.
JJ, wend down the slide but it took him a good 2 years before he ever did it again. And although you can see CJ's hands, she didn't go down it and I had one hand on the back of her shirt and the other hand taking the picture, boy was I nervous!
My man getting promoted and look at those clouds in the sky, beautiful!!
This was the first pattern dress I made for CJ

And here is CJ is some of her favorite Cary Hairbows, lol.
Isn't this picture just beautiful. The water is so clear and the sky so blue and the fact that my camera picked up the splashing water makes this one of my most favorite beach pictures from Oki!!

Well that is all for this week. Hopefully I'll get more accomplished by next Friday when 
I share  with you the next folder I have begun to tackle.Have a great weekend!

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