4 January

John 13:37 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)
37 "Lord," Peter asked, "why can't I follow You now?"

Over the last couple of days you have been praying to God. Have you always heard an answer? If not, do not think He did not hear you; remember God knows everything! Continue to wait, until you know for certain that He has answered you before you do anything!!!! See God is always faithful and will always give us an answer, just not always when we want it. Why do you think God makes us wait for answers to our prayers and questions? Write your answer down:

Sometimes, we are not quiet enough to hear God speaking to us. Are you making time in your day to rest and be quiet so you can hear God? Pray right now and ask God to help you find time, everyday, to spend with Him.

adapted from My Utmost for His Highest

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Mommy Of Two Little Blessings said...

Quiet time with Him changes with the seasons of life. With two small children and my selfish heart tugging I must understand that to have my "quiet" time I must sceze the moment and understand it will not be like it once was. To grow in Him I must open my eyes to how He is teaching me in my season of life. *smile* Have a blessed day growing in Him. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!